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The first and most important requirement is a motivation to achieve a High School Diploma.

In today's world not having a High School Diploma can be a serious disadvantage in personal advancement. It is very hard to find a good paying job without it and in most cases a promotion will be impossible.

Unlike traditional High School that requires intensive classroom completion, homework and multiple tests, our online diploma is based on one test that demonstrates general knowledge in five areas.

The five sections of the test are:

Social Studies
American Government; American Politics; Citizenship; American History; World History; Economics; Psychology; Sociology; Geography; Social Work; Political Science; Current Affairs

English; Poetry; Literature; Reading Comprehension; Foreign Language such as Spanish or French; Speech; Communications; Media Studies such as Movies and Television

Creative Writing; Grammar and Composition; Spelling; Fiction Writing; Non-fiction Writing;

Algebra; Consumer Math such as balancing your checkbook; Business Math; Geometry; Calculus; Trigonometry; Refresher Math

Astronomy; Biology; Chemistry; Earth Science; Environmental Science; Life Science; Physical Science; Physics; Oceanography; Geology; Anthropology; Meteorology